My name is Stephen. I am a young, male ginger and a lover of the arts, coffee, life, and community!

What is this blog about?

Growing up I found it difficult to be fully expressive as a Christian. I struggled to find my voice in the Church and to express my thoughts and emotions. Roughly 6 years ago I began to find an outlet through writing. Now I want to share that opportunity and to take my own writing to the next level!

Here I seek to share snippets of life and explore the ins and outs of daily, Christian living. I also seek to engage the world with my thoughts and experiences so that we, as one humanity, can learn and grow together through healthy, intentional dialogue!

Furthermore, I was inspired to reach out and ask people that I knew from various segments of my community to share their experiences, short stories, and creative writing projects! Therefore, various different authors might appear from time to time.

Please feel free to share your thoughts and comments! Also, make sure to hit the follow button so that you don’t miss a single post! if you are interested in contributing¬†stories, experiences, poetry, etc. to this blog I would love to discuss that possibility with you! Just email me at sgreen2049@gmail.com!


Stephen D. Green II


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