Deliver Us from the Evil…Me?

The subject of evil, including the nature of the Satan, has been incredibly present in my life of late. Apart from me stumbling into the (incredible!) show, Lucifer, I have found myself engaging with many talks about sin, evil, and “the devil.”

First, I need to make it very clear that I don’t believe in a singular, dark entity who presides as the lord of Hell. The reasons for this are simple.

  1. The scripture verses that I’ve always had presented to me, as a majority, are not about “Lucifer” in the least. In fact, there is little to no logical use of scripture that would conclude his/her existence outside of the alleged possession of Judas.
  2. The term “the Satan” is more of a title than a direct address meaning “the accuser.” Which, in and of itself, does not translate into evil in the same way that a prosecuting attorney is not necessarily evil. It’s just a job.
  3. The Gospel is clear. We are not being saved from demons and devils. We are being saved from ourselves.

Since the Fall, humanity has been on a journey to find its way back to the sacred Garden of Eden. The Garden is more than the shallow modern, hedonistic paradise that we have allowed ourselves to reduce it to. Rather, it is the manifest outcome of humanity in full, right-standing with The Divine! It is the state of wholeness that comes with finding our place in the universe and fulling living out the “Image of God” that was breathed into us when were first set apart (made holy) from the rest of the Earth.

This might come as a shock to you, but God doesn’t want you to go to Hell. He is rooting for you to one day be found walking with Him in Eden!

C.S.Lewis once said that “Hell is locked from the inside.” In his book, The Last Battle, We have given the powerful imagery of Aslan (God) standing at the gateway to new Narnia, calling the stars home. Everyone rushes towards the gates of paradise, but some look upon Aslan and they scowl in anger and hatred; turning away from the gate to go into darkness. Aslan didn’t force them to go into the void, and in the same way, God does not force us into the void. Ultimately, if we go to Hell it is by our choosing.

Duel natureYou might ask “but why would anyone choose Hell?” It would seem illogical, but people choose Hell every day. In fact, I think of my own life and the ridiculous suffering that I put myself through on a daily basis. Whenever I turn to God for mercy or deliverance I find that I am, more often than not, actually praying that He help me get out of a jam that I’ve put myself into, or to stop thinking/doing something that I have chosen to think/do.

The Accuser is inconsequential to the one that has nothing to be accused of. Therefore, it falls back to me and the state of my own heart. It is the evil that I allow to fester in my heart that the true enemy. In a way, I AM the “Evil One” that I’m asking God to deliver me from. MY actions, MY thoughts, and MY nature are the cause and the effect. These are the things that Christ came to reveal; it is for this reason that He lived to tell us that we are not hopeless.

“I said, “Be merciful unto me. Heal my soul for I have sinned against Thee.”

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