Of Witches and Waiting

All Hallows Eve is upon us and as I sat writing up a cover letter for a job, going on and on about my skills and my thirst for learning, I realized that an area that I lack knowledge in is the area of witchcraft.

Now, don’t freak out. Just because I lean Orthodox doesn’t mean that I’m going to integrate witchcraft into my rituals (like apparently many Romanians do…who knew?!), but instead I wanted to understand the mindsets of others and their beliefs to better solidify my own thoughts and look for areas that I might be erring.

During my researching, I came across a video of a witch in Brooklyn explaining her beliefs. Her opening statement in the video was “I don’t want to wait for God to answer my prayers. That’s why I’m a witch…I take my life into my own hands.”


I feel that. The frustration of waiting for God to answer a prayer. Or should I say, provide a demand or request? Either way, I related to that. I think most of us do, though rarely is witchcraft the default response to that feeling. We run to all sorts of different solutions trying to grasp control of our situations and bring about the desired result. Yet, I’m not sure that it is entirely a bad desire.

I was often told that I needed to “wait upon the Lord” but I think most of the mouths that uttered those words did so in an attitude of airy spirituality; not realizing what they were saying and uncertain of what they even really meant by their statement.

I think there is something to be said about the old phrase “God helps those who help themselves.” I believe He wants me to act and take charge, but also seek Him and respond to His responding to my responses. It’s a dance of sorts. You know…a relationship (another word that keeps getting thrown around like a spiritual frisbee).

God is King, but He is also Father. He is a creator, but he is also an intimate lover. He is not as we keep projecting Him to be. He is not human and He bears not our flaws. In that reality, we should so be aware of our need to be submissive to His timing and choices, but sitting around and waiting and waiting and waiting is not at all what He demands of us.

I think that the “waiting” that God demands is one of action, not one of inaction. Like the men and elves of Helms Deep waiting for Gandalf to come blazing over the hills with a few hundred horsemen, we fight on and we are decisive as we wait for help to come.

In my season of challenges and questioning, it is easy to want to take matters into my own hands. And I am doing so actually! I am taking control. But unlike the witch in New York, I am not wrestling control from God or pushing Him aside to take up some alternative option. God is my great help and my mercy. I am moving my feet and enabling myself to be led down the right paths. And as a result, I learned that God can teach me a lesson and speak to me, even through the words of a witch.

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