As I was walking to St. Stephen and the Incarnation Episcopal Church to retrieve my vehicle, I glanced at the marque at the Baptist church next door. It read “Where have you seen God today?”

This weekend was beautiful and painful. This was the perfect question to end my trip to the Capitol. Where have I seen God?

I saw God in the eyes of a 9-year-old boy, lit up with excitement as he took photographs of flags and monuments. I saw God in loving couple whom I’ve known for nearly two years now and who went out of their way to show me love and support when they had no reason to do so.

I saw Him in an angry old woman yelling into a microphone, crying out for justice. He was present in the enthusiasm of the tour guide as he shared passionately about history and trivia.

And I saw God in me as I expressed love and pride to someone I cherish dearly and was met with only a “thank you.”

God has been overwhelmingly present this weekend as He has humbled me; encouraged me. His words burst out of the mouth of loved ones, and He showed me the strength of my heart as He walked with me through hard places. I experienced something profound in DC. I experienced the complexity of God present in my life.


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