A Month of Lights

It has been exactly one month since my release from the psych ward. Writing has been a bit of a challenge as the inspiration has alluded me. It’s been an emotional and transformative season of life, full of twisting challenges and beautiful reliefs.

I’ve been blessed by the stream of love and support that has risen up to meet the need that presented itself in my life a month ago, and I’ve been surprised by some of the sources.

Since my discharge, I’ve been exploring numerous avenues of creativity. It’s been extremely therapeutic (if not a bit financially distressing)to engage in these different activities. From drawing to painting to photography, I have been able to explore and express the internal.

Photography, in particular, has proven most beneficial. I find myself being swallowed up by it; falling in love with it.


Actually…I’m not sure. I’ve always been good at seeing beauty in the world around me, but I’ve never been good at holding on to it. In doing photogrpahy, I’m expanding my skills of seeing and learning to capture and hold on to the beauty that is presented to me. Finally, I’m also learning how to express love, beauty, and delight in tangible and fulfilling ways.

I guess there is nothing quite like a crisis to wake you up and ignite a passion for life…