“Not for Me.”

How many times have you found yourself falling just shy of acquiring a really great opportunity? Like a sale that had ended right before your laptop broke down; a car that sold the day before you are able to buy it?

Just a few months ago, I missed an awesome job by a matter of days. DAYS!

Then, there are those opportunities that land right in your lap and you swat them away as if a spider had dropped on you!

I had a phone call a couple weeks ago with someone who had been going through something similar. “It’s (a job) such a great opportunity,” she said, “and it makes me sick feeling like it’s for someone else and not for me.”

A week or so later, I had another conversation with the same person, except that time it was about housing and not about a job.

“It’s for someone else, but it just isn’t for me.”

This frustrated me. How could someone pass up such great chances to live better? happier? I would understand if there were legitimate circumstances as to why one couldn’t pursue something (like supporting a family), but for a single person with no real responsibilities to anyone. There was no logic involved here. Just raw emotion and anxiety.

It angers me because I can easily see myself falling into the same trap and I’m afraid that I will. I’m afraid that I’ll run away from great chances to grow and succeed simply because I let fear and anxiety rule my life. Or worse, attribute the feeling to God and blame Him rather than put my anxieties in their place.

Risks are everywhere. Every job equals taking a chance and putting myself out there for the possibility of failing. Am I going to sit in it, or am I going to dare to pursue my dreams of having a better, happier life? Am I going to take the risks to be the man that I so much want to be? Or am I just gonna wallow in the nonsensical emotions that tell me it’s “not for me?”

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