From the Lips of Divinity.

Cheezy Christian phrases are available daily BOGO free, and you don’t have to go far to find them. When I lived in Kansas City, there was a man who would talk to me about “receiving kisses from God,” and it always made me feel uncomfortable. It was a phrase that was too intimate and too kind for me to accept. I knew that those were attributes of God, but the emotional dissonance within kept me from experiencing Him in that way.

Since leaving Kansas City, however, I have experienced a series of events and acts of kindness form people that can be described in no other way than “kisses from God.”

As a dedicated worker, I found myself constantly throwing myself on to the front lines of chaos at the residential care facility that worked at. The way things were going, I admit that I began to feel like God had abandoned me. I reached burn out has I continuously tried to give out of a place of emptiness. Full of heartache, I left my job and moved into a new chapter of my life.

I was stuck in dark thoughts. Emotions heightened, I responded to the world like a wounded wolf cut off from his pack. Yet, by grace, I lived through some of the hardest days I had ever faced. These kisses from God came at the right moments and kept me going.

It started with old friends who rushed in to provide love and care that I could never expect from anyone. At least, not towards me. They fed me, housed me, and walked with me through darkness just as I had done for the previous three years. It was like I had become one of my students.

Then came several months of paid counseling, the intervention of priests, housing, jobs, etc. More and more appeared out of the blue as God led me through a time of reconstruction.

Frankly, the process is still underway. I’m still rebuilding and the last two weeks have been rough. I have had a great deal of concern for my students who are struggling while severely missing others who don’t appear to care about my absence at all. Sickness and lacking motivation also took their toll me. But the kisses come.

This morning, my alarm didn’t go off. I got to work an hour late just to find that nothing had been done the day before and the workspace was left in a mess. My morning was filled with errors and shortcomings. An hour into my shift, I made a woman a latte and then twenty minutes after that I noticed that she had given me a $20 tip. I hunted her down in the library to inform her of her error. But she assured me that she hadn’t made an error. She actually meant to give me $20!

He comes and graces me with small bits of blessed intimacy and affection. Customer after customer approached me with unsolicited words of affirmation and empathy. Even though I do not deserve it, God continues to supply the tidbits of life that I need to survive and is slowly correcting my perspective which was distorted by experience and by my family.

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