Through Dark Days

“The Lord gives…”

Wait, don’t stop. Say it all. Say it clear.

“The Lord gives…”

Televangelists flapping their money makers to tell the sexy side of the story,

“The Lord gives…”

Can you finish the tearful truth?

“The Lord…”

Come on. You got it. Let the truth scratch up your esophagus.

“The Lord…takes away”

These are the bitter tears that come in the midnight hour.

“The Lord takes away…”

I prayed to keep and yet He took. He gave me much, and He took away much.

“The Lord takes away…”

But this I remember and therefore I have hope. He will not tarry forever.

“The Lord gives….and the Lord takes away…”

And therefore I am stronger. He completes me. He makes me whole.

“May the Name of the Lord be praised.”

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