Christmas: A Celebration of Hope

Christmas is upon us again and, just like every year, we are quick to forget what Advent means for us. The light and glory of salvation shining in our dark and hateful world.

There is longing in my heart and I cannot fill. Longing for security and longing for comfort. Christmas can’t give those, but the hope that Christmas stands for can!

I’ve experienced bouts of loneliness that pushes me to seek a relationship that I know will never complete me or take away my fears or the darkness of life. I have experienced fear that says to give up and calls my strength into question. I have known hate, and it nearly killed me.


But in this truth, I will delight, and therefore have hope, that Christ has come and He is with me all my days. He is more faithful than my feelings, and though he leads me through the darkness I will trust in Him.

I know pain. I know the suffering of the soul and the plague of darkness resting on the mind. But I know Christ in his glory and I know His love for me for I’ve seen His light in my dark soul. I have felt His warm embrace in the cold places of the world, and I know…I know that I have all I need.

Christmas is upon us again and, just like every year, stands as an oasis in the desert. The hope in the darkness, the fire in the cold, a beacon of life shining in the valley of the dead.

Happy Advent,


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