Ah…Starbucks. The antichrist of the coffee world. It was in one of these such temples of dark roast that I found myself one beautiful morning following a rather dark and discouraging night.

I was sure to pick the Starbucks that had the “Reserve” options (as well as free parking).

Inside, I was playfully greeted by a beautiful young barista with an outstanding personality. She guided me in my decision making for choosing the correct coffee for the morning. The special machine for the “Reserves” was out of order, but she made sure to advise the availability of pour over, but then informed me that she could also make it in the French Press.”It’s the way I make it at home! It takes longer but it’s worth it!” She said. Moved by her pulling me into a part of her life and her offering to go the extra mile in making my coffee, I gratefully accepted.

Moments later she called my name to come and receive the drink. I would be lying if I said that I did not find her attractive. She was full of life and energy.

I reached to take my cup from her, and that is when I saw them.

Dozens of faint marks scattered along her arms. Scars. It was then that I saw that she wasn’t beautiful…she was gorgeous.

Her personality alone spoke of strength, but here were the shreds of evidence of a soul stronger than most. They were old wounds that were a harsh contrast to her embracing smile, and they bore testimony to her strength.

She was here. She was alive. And she brought with her the joyful victory of living yet one more day.

Some people out there have it easy. Life has just offered its luxuries and amenities out on a silver platter. But there are those of us like this woman who don’t have it easy.  They take the long route to joy. The route of struggle and suffering. They bear the weight of anxiety, abuse, and much more. They are the conquerors of the dark night of the soul, and they clothed in starlight and glory of God rests on them as a crown upon the brow of princes.

She has been offered a joy that takes longer but is so very much worth it.


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  1. Deeply moving…I, too, have scars, albeit invisible ones. I, too, suffered, but was saved and chose joy.

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