I Wish.

I wish depression was as easy to deal with as walking up and giving someone a hug. If it were, I wouldn’t stop until the world was cured or I dropped from exhaustion. I wish communication and reconciliation were simple. SImple like sitting on a porch out in the country, … Continue Reading I Wish.


Nine months ago I walked out the door of my home in Kansas City for the last time. With my stuff packed up into a trailer, I departed from the best job of my life and took off into the unknown. Why did I leave? Over time, I found myself … Continue Reading Rollercoaster


I did the rituals. I made this happen. In my despair, I took out the pen That would form the incantation To force out your apparition.   The results were nothing as I hoped. I thought maybe I could have coped With the departure of just one. But instead, I came undone. … Continue Reading Ghost